Oma's Country Critters Sanctuary Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization. The sanctuary has nearly 30 acres allocated for use that is located on Harrington-Lee Farm, LLC in Howard, KS.  Development started in 2019 ;however, the Non-profit organization officially obtained formal status early 2021 once the pandemic started to settle down.   Operated solely by volunteers and funded entirely on donations, the sanctuary is overseen by a Board of Directors .  All donations including cash, items, and services are tax deductible.  Currently the sanctuary is home to nearly 100 different farm animals that have been rescued or surrendered for varies reasons.  Visit the "Meet the Critters Page" to view many of them.  In addition to the farm sanctuary we are also a Certified Wildlife Habitat site with the National Wildlife Federation and Kansas Wildlife.   There are several acres located on the back end of the property surrounded by trees and water sources, that is dedicated to Wildlife preservation by ensuring they have shelter, water, food, and a safe environment for their offspring.  We have a page "Certified Wildlife Habitat" that is dedicated to photos we capture of our wildlife critters we share this land with as well as education.